Substance Misuse Services (City)

Nottingham City Pharmacies only: Not all Nottingham City Pharmacies are commissioned to deliver the provision of supervised consumption of methadone and/or buprenorphine. If you are a city pharmacy and do not hold a current contract with the Crime & Drugs Partnership (on behalf of the City Council) to provide this service then payments cannot be claimed for any supervision of methadone/buprenorphine consumption. Please contact the Crime & Drugs Partnership on or if you would like to apply for the commissioned provision of the supervised consumption of methadone and or buprenorphine.


The most up-to-date substance misuse information can be found at

Supervised Consumption Service

CGL Supervised Consumption Specification


Overdose Awareness Leaflet


Needle Exchange SLA

Needle exchange contract template 2019-2024

Pharmacy Needle Exchange Locations (for pharmacy and patient use) 


Useful links

Substance Misuse

Nottingham City Substance Misuse treatment service for adults (over 18) – Nottingham Recovery Network (

Nottingham City Specialist Needle Exchange – NRN Harm Reduction Service (Broad Street)

Nottingham City’s Young People’s Treatment service (Under 18) and Family Support (for those affected by somebody else’s use)  – CGL Jigsaw


Domestic Violence

24-hour helpline – 0808 800 0340

Juno – Nottingham City and County Domestic Violence Support Service

Equation – the Nottinghamshire domestic violence prevention service – the service provides training, workshops, briefings and seminars, as well as hosting a library of policies and research


Sexual Violence

Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Service –

POW – Support service for people who sex work –


Consent Coalition – Nottingham’s partnership response to raise awareness of consent and reduce sexual violence – – the website includes sexual violence support and reporting resources and information about consent, including the ‘Your Journey’ booklet