Palliative Care service

Service Specification for NHS Community Pharmacy Palliative Care Drugs Stockist Scheme – This agreement is for the period from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

This scheme will require the pharmacy to maintain the required stock of palliative care drugs in line with the agreed list of palliative care drugs, Appendix 2.

Where requested, the pharmacist will provide advice to the health care professionals regarding the prescribing or dosage of palliative care drugs that should be administered to a patient. The pharmacist will provide information and advice relating to the use of palliative care drugs to patients and carers.

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PQS 2023 – update from PSNC regarding who holds the 16 items on the National formulary

We have been advised from Boots Head Office that all their pharmacies in England routinely stock the 16 medicines. The action plan can then sign post to Boots pharmacies and have the local pharmacies that hold the locally agreed formulary as additional sites.

Documents for the service

Appendix 2. Amended PC Formulary Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Final Nottinghamshire PC 2023-2024 SLA + Service Spec (1)

Nottinghamshire Pharmacies providing Palliative Care 2023-24


Payment details

  • An annual retainer fee of £262.66 will be paid automatically in August
  •  Reimbursement at cost price (based on dm+d + VAT) for drugs included in the agreed Palliative Care Stock List which have become time expired, provided normal stock rotation procedures have been followed within the pharmacy and broken bulk has not been claimed.  Claims for time expired stock are made using PharmOutcomes.
  • Payments will be entered on to the NHS BSA Local Payments Application and will appear on pharmacy contractors’ FP34 monthly statement from the NHS BSA.