Healthy Living Pharmacy FAQs

  • Do you need to be a pharmacist?
    – No for champion training – non-registered staff member would be the ideal person
    – Yes for leadership training – ideally the pharmacist will take on this and oversee the HLP champion.


  • Does it need to be the same person ?
    – Should be separate roles


  • What to do when completed the course to become HLP?
    – Register pharmacy as HLP on RSPH website
    – Need to have a consultation room
    – Need to do NMS and MURs
    – Flu vaccines – either provide or signpost
    – CPCF up to date
    – GPhC up to date


  • Who should attend the HLP champion session?
    – Full time equivalent (30 hours or more)


  • Can we have 2 people share the role?
    – You can have more than one person that makes up to a full time equivalent