Choosing your Healthy Living Champion

Choosing your Healthy Living Champion


Healthy Living Champions are important to the success of a Healthy Living Pharmacy. They will engage with patients and customers to help them adopt healthier lifestyles and get the support they need to achieve this. They will lead and coordinate the team in the pharmacy to deliver health promotion activities that are effective. Who should be a Healthy Living Champion?


A successful Healthy Living Champion should:


● Work on the medicines counter or have plenty of opportunity to communicate with customers.


● Be good at communicating with customers and patients.


● Keen to extend their role.


● Creative and able to organise successful health promotion activities in the pharmacy.


● Work well in a team.


● Able to maintain a directory of local health services and support groups.


● Preferably work full time or nearly full time.


● Keen to learn and pass on their knowledge to customers and colleagues.


How to become a Healthy Living Champion

 Healthy Living Champions must successfully complete the Royal Society of Public Health’s Level 2 qualification in Understanding Health Improvement.  There is an MCQ assessment with 30 questions. Trainees will have 45 minutes to complete the assessment under the supervision of the training provider and the pass mark is 66%.