Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services

Community Pharmacy Extended Care

Now called Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services there will be a whole family of services commissioned by NHSE&I across the whole of the Midlands Regional footprint.

Contact details Lorna Densham
Primary Care Support Officer
0113 8250945

NHS England Midlands Region

Tier 1 Services Can be offered by any interested pharmacy
– Acute bacterial conjunctivitis
Tier 2 Services Skin services are available for offer by any interested pharmacy provided that they also deliver Tier 1 service
– Impetigo
– Infected Insect Bites
– infected Eczema
Tier 3 Services ENT
The Service will only be available for offer by selected pharmacies.

The selection process will be via an EOI on PharmOutcomes – this will be announced in due course, at this time NHSE&I are working on new SLAs and PGDs etc.

For more information and documents for the extended care services Click Here (will be re-directed to the Futures website).