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A message has been sent out on PharmOutcomes regarding the refreshed emergency contraception (EC) PGD under the Locally Commissioned Public Health Contract with Nottinghamshire County Council. Documentation has also been sent to head offices for signing.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception


Please contact us at if you have any queries.


PGD and SLA for EHC service

Document 1 – Covering PGD letter to Pharmacists Feb 2023_

Document 2 – Nottinghamshire CC adapted Levonorgestrel-National PGD template final 2023

Document 3 –  Nottinghamshire CC adapted Ulipristal-National-PGD-template-final 2023

Document 4 – EHC EHC LCPHS Service specification 2023-2026

Document 5 – EHC Consultation Form 2019-20

Document 6 – Pharmacy Claims process options for EHC

For the paper based EHC consultation option:

Please find the attached consultation form for those who chose the paper option with regard to the claims process.

EHC Consultation Form 2019-20

Please note: this form can be photocopied as there is no longer the need for you to send a copy into Nottinghamshire County Council, however, please ensure you gain the signature of the client then upload onto PharmOutcomes as soon as possible after the consultation, this form must then be kept by the Pharmacy in a secure confidential place for a period of 10 years and may be requested by Nottinghamshire County Council for auditing purposes.

For the direct online onto PharmOutcomes consultation option:

In order to ensure service continuity, we are also sending this to Pharmacies who chose the direct online option in case of any technical difficulties or lack of access to a computer at any time.

Please note: if you have chosen to conduct the consultation directly onto PharmOutcomes you must ensure you print off the form and have the client sign before leaving, this form must be kept by the Pharmacy in a secure confidential place for a period of 10 years and may be requested by Nottinghamshire County Council for auditing purposes.

Signposting and referral routes information for Pharmacists re EHC delivery

For completion and return:

Pharmacy EHC Delivery Declaration 2017-18 v2

C-CardNEW c card logo

Jenny Quin-Smith

C-Card Technical Specialist

Youth Service

Youth, Families and Social Work Division

Nottinghamshire County Council

County Hall

Floor 4, Centre

Loughborough Road

West Bridgford

Notts, NG2 7QP



Tel: 01158041180

Mob: 07790835927


Please see attached a copy of C Card Programme 19-20. docx


  • Do you work with young people aged 13-25?
  • Do you want to gain skills and knowledge in sexual health, including contraception and STI’s?
  • Do you want to support young people in making the right sexual health choices?

 Then our one day C Card Registration Training Day is right for you!!

The C Card Scheme is a free sexual health advice and condom service for young people across Nottinghamshire. It allows young people to gain advice on sex, STIs and relationships, as well as access to free condoms. The C Card Scheme gives young people a chance to ask all those questions they may have about sex, health and relationships. The advice is free, and is aimed and helping young people make the right choices about their sexual health.


If you think the C Card Scheme is right for your organisation, and the young people you worth with, then you can be involved. To offer the C Card you must become a trained C Card Worker. Attached is a copy of our training programme, alternatively you can follow the link below to see what courses are available and our online booking system;

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch on the contact details above


Nottinghamshire County Council Public Health would really like your help in promoting a newly commissioned online chlamydia testing service. The service is available to young people aged 15-24 who live in Nottinghamshire. The overall aim of the service is to increase Chlamydia testing and treatment within this age group.

We would appreciate you promoting this service by displaying a poster or verbally promoting it to service users during consultations.  A range of posters are available on the link below along with further details about the service;

Contact:  Matthew Osborne (