Midlands Region

Midlands Regional office are the local team of  NHS England

Pharmacy Contracting Team (East)

Contact via the generic email and address to the relevant person / reason for contacting so that it can be passed onto the correct person



Dianne Wells – Commissioning Manager – Pharmacy & Optometry

Razia Wilson – Contract Manager – Pharmacy & Optometry

Lorna Densham – Contracts Officer – Pharmacy and Optometry

Julie Rawlinson – Contracts Officer – Pharmacy and Optometry

Julie Smedley – Contracts Support Officer – Pharmacy and Optometry


Change of hours / closure notifications


For claims and returns please use the following email address:


The NHS England team have put together some useful information to help pharmacists when faced with difficult situations

Pharmacist Help Leaflet (Nov 2018) Final Version (040219)


CPAF document


All community pharmacy contract reporting including:

MUR training certificates

NMS returns

PREM1 / PREM2 forms

Complaints returns

Patient satisfaction survey results etc.

Should now be sent to the following email address england.eastmidspharmacy@nhs.net


There may be occasions when a contractor is unable to open its premises for a reason that is beyond its control. This includes:

Flooding of premises

  • Lack of electricity
  • Premises have been broken into
  • Failure of pharmacist to be on duty

Where there is a temporary closure outside of the contractor’s control you are required by the 2013 Regulations to notify NHS England. The form attached to this email should be used for this purpose and submitted to NHS England by email to the appropriate email below:

Nottinghamshire Pharmacies to england.eastmidspharmacy@nhs.net

Notification of unplanned temporary suspension of services