Sexual Health Services (City)

We have set up a dedicated email address for all queries and questions relating to sexual health and health checks.  This email address is

Please could all questions or queries relating to sexual health and health checks be directed to this email address, which enables us to field the queries to the appropriate contacts



Emergency Hormonal Contraception

app-3-pharmacies-ehc-spec – April 2022 to March 2031


The PGDs are hoped to become consistent nationally, this will reduce variations in practice, they are also quality assured by a Regional Optimisation Committee. Where local information has been added this as been prefaced by the words ‘local information:’ and written in italics. Note the dates that the national templates are valid from are fixed. Locally you can start using these PGDs as soon as you have returned a signed copy to Nottingham City Council.

PGD for the supply and administration of Levonorgestrel for Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) –  

Levonorgestrel-National-PGD-template-V2.0-March-2023-3 ADRTreview (002)

Ulipristal-National-PGD-template-V2.0-March-2023-3 ADRTcomments (002)


EHC Consultation Form (City) – June 2017

CSE Procedural Flowchart 2016

Multi agency Risk assessment tool for City County

If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Nottingham City Public Health on the generic email –

Chlamydia SLA

There is a change in provider and the documents will be updated in April 2023 – below is the updated PGD from March 2023.

Pharmacy – Chlamydia Treatment Specification 2019-22

Pharmacy – Chlamydia Screening Treatment Specification 2019-22


PGD for the supply and administration for Chlamydia Treatment –

Doxycycline-chlamydia-National-PGD-template-V-2.0-update-FINAL-Jan-23 (1)

If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact


Please see attached a copy of The NEW C Card Scheme Training Programme 

  •  Do you work with young people aged 13-25?
  • Do you want to gain skills and knowledge in sexual health, including contraception and STI’s?
  • Do you want to support young people in making the right sexual health choices?

 Then our one day C Card Registration Training Day is right for you!!

The C Card Scheme is a free sexual health advice and condom service for young people across Nottingham. It allows young people to gain advice on sex, STIs and relationships, as well as access to free condoms. The advice is free, and is aimed and helping young people make the right choices about their sexual health.

If you think the C Card Scheme is right for your organisation, and the young people you worth with, then you can be involved. To offer the C Card you must become a trained C Card Worker. Attached is a copy of our training programme, alternatively you can follow the link below to see what courses are available and our online booking system;

Pharmacy – C-Card Scheme Specification 2020-22