Committee Members (updated Feb 2024)

Rob Severn Chair CCA Rowlands Pharmacy (Warsop) RS 2023-24
Dave Fernley Vice-Chair Independent Whistlers Pharmacy (Newark) DF 2023-24
Rebecca Butterworth Member CCA Boots Pharmacy RB 2023-24
Bethan Chamberlain Member CCA Well Pharmacy BC 2023-24
David Evans Member + Governance AIMp Daleacre Healthcare DE 2023-24
Linda Ferguson Member AIMp PCT Healthcare LF 2023-24
Raj Morjaria Member IND Green Cross Pharmacy RM 2023-24
Vijay Pujara Member Independent Lowdham Pharmacy VP 2023-24
Dhiren Raval Member Independent Bingham Pharmacy DR 2023-24
James Sutcliffe Member + Governance CCA Boots Pharmacy JS 2023-24
Soumar Kaziz Member CCA Well Pharmacy SK 2024

Information for perspective members – LPC-new-members-guide

Employees of the LPC – no need for declarations as confidentially included in employment contract
Nick Hunter, Chief Officer –  Tel: 07595 069178 
Alison Ellis, Office Manager –  Tel:  07882289083 
Mike Jones, Services Development Lead – Tel:07734 056252
Gordon Heeley, Treasurer –  Tel:  07739 487568